Ancient Artifacts: Reality Shift

October 3, 2012

I’m happy to announce the next weekly feature here on inaninn – Ancient Artifacts! When I find a new blog that seems interesting, I tend to trawl through their archives before getting to the new stuff. That means I’m reading a lot of posts from several years ago – and some of it’s really good!

So if you haven’t been reading RPG blogs since 2000, look for Ancient Artifacts on Tuesdays – handfuls of great blog posts from back in the day (let’s say pre-2012?).

Right now I’m delving into the back stacks at (and I can already tell I’m gonna need more metaphors for ‘looking at old stuff’). Expect the first few Ancient Artifacts to be from them – they’ve been around a while and their writing is great (check them out!).

This week I direct your attention to a series of posts on reality shifts in tabletop games, Dungeons and Dragons  in particular like most things on the site. (btw, has a great search feature). The idea is simple, but profound – make your game world easier to believe in by making it conform to the rules of your game system. Whoa:

This series is focused on Dungeons and Dragons, but the big idea can (and probably should!) be applied to any game. Check it out!


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